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Chepstow, Monmouthshire

The garden was originally sloping and uneven. Rainwater was running towards the house and causing the lawn to be boggy and unusable. We were asked to come in, remove a lot of the soil allowing the site to be levelled out, and then lay a large patio and build a small retaining wall. This would provide a lower gravelled area. After our initial meeting with the client, we went away and came up with a circular theme. Our garden design was then digitally visualised allowing the client to preview the final outcome (see the image on the left).

We used Fossil Mint Sandstone for the patio, with matching cobbles. The smaller gravel areas use contrasting plum slate chippings, and the lower gravel area is Cotswold Stone.


Dan did a great job on our garden and unlike many builders, he works almost non-stop. Our garden was unusable before and now my 3 children are having such fun outside. Imperial come highly recommended”Mr Durman
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